Easy Steps to Turning a Dingy Basement into a Comfortable Living Space

Many people are not even using their basements for storage, but these spaces offer additional space for any home at a much lower cost than a room additional. Basements make great dens, living rooms, bedrooms, or even game rooms.

If you’re interested in turning your own basement from a dingy cave to a comfortable living space, follow these five easy steps.

1: Thoroughly Cleaning & Inspection

Before doing anything else, you want to do a thorough cleaning to remove all dirt and debris, so you aren’t building over top filth. Also inspect for items like mold or pest infestations.

2: Insulation

Basements can become very cold, because they are situated underground. Layering the unfinished walls with pads of insulation will help to keep that chilly air out, and any heating in. This is also good for your utility bills.

3: Thick Interior Walls

Once the insulated is in place, you’ll want to add thick interior walls. This further prevents heat loss and makes the space look immediately homier. Opt to paint the walls white, or a bright color. Avoid dark colors, as this can make the space seem “creepy” or darker than it really is.

4: Basement Flooring

basement floor moisture barrier

The basement flooring is another vital step that can prevent heat loss (a major issue with basements), and simultaneously make the room more comfortable. You’ll want to avoid carpet since basements have a tendency towards dampness. Instead, choose to use a basement floor moisture barrier, which will keep dampness at bay.

5: Lighting

Basements typically contain only one light, central to the room, although some contain a second on the stairs. You can do this in two ways: have extra ceiling lighting installed or purchase a few good lamps for the space. Either way, the point is to bring enough lighting into the room you can forget your underground.